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Random, so i decided to ask the bar manager permission to pull an espresso shot from his coffee machine. booyah! (at Buyan Russian Restaurant and Bar)
Alep Wolly SG x Aeropress Recipe 

Coffee : Ethiopia Konga 
Roast Degree : Light Roast
Flavour profile : Berry Notes,low acidity
Process : Natural Process

16.5 grams of coffee
4.5 grind size (filter paper)
1 : 10 ( water ratio )
10 X 16.5g =165g water
95.5 degree celsius
Double filter for clean finish (try it) :)
Throwback. (at Common Man Coffee Roasters)
Adjustment to be made at the very last minute to produce a good cup of aeropress! Thanks to the both of you, @legendkiller1990 @andyneymar my two wonderful shifu’s!! (at Common Man Coffee Roasters)
Cold Brew in progress  (at Toby’s Estate Coffee)
at Toby’s Estate Coffee
Interview over a cuppa earlier today! Hopefully i could inspire future generation barista, to be better! To be the best, you gotta learnt from the best, you cant beat them, join them! :) (at Toby’s Estate Coffee)
25 | Me,Myself&Coffee | MICE (at wolly x goproject LAB )